From the recording Shades of Indigo


My Name is Neville (write it down)
LYRICS BY BRADLEY S MALONE BMI © all rights reserved

He took the sleeve of my coat
and turned me around
Take this tube from my nose you know I hate that sound
And so before you turn away, fold your hands and pray
Know that I, I’d do it all again

(cause) I seen hope n’ I seen lies
live together in disguise
I seen days that changed what I believe
I been lost I been found
I been the stranger in town
I’ve had houses full of joy & family

My name is Neville…write it down
My name is Neville…write it down

I seen days without a care
An’ beneath this silver hair
lies a poet, a carpenter and a thief

I been kind I been mean
Damn near everything in between
I've seen changes my father would not conceive

I saw a hill and the sound of the devil and his clowns
in ‘69 my friend beside of me
I got a medal that I found
Buried in the ground
I may seem old an illusion you see